Sunday, October 19, 2008


I'm down with the sickness (WAH AH AH AH) right now, so I'll be brief.

Ray Downen is a psycho, and it's amusing. Bonus: he writes "pacifiers" instead of "pacifists." I have this mental image of Ghandi with a baby sucking on his head.

Also, the staff wrote about Bald Eagles. Uh oh. $5 says that the comment box will have some pro-lifer type going "WTF YOU CAN'T KILL ENDANGERED BIRDS FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES BUT WOMEN CAN KILL THEIR BAYBEEZ WHY IS THAT?!? FUCKING LIBS!!!!" by morning.

EDIT: Sonsabitches totally let me down! They usually bring it up every single fucking time someone mentions the scarcity of Bald Eagles. I probably jinxed it by posting my prediction. "Hey Kaje" probably read it and was all like, "Hey! That, my good sir/ma'am, was my thunder you stole!"

I love Burney's Lament, though. Good one, my anonymous friend. I guess he or she gets my $5.

EDIT AGAIN: I totally forgot these!

Matt Blunt actually did something nice? Whoa! Of course I imagine if he were a Democrat, someone would scream "bwap bwap bwap language police bwap bwap bwap political correctness bwap bwap"- oh wait! Someone did anyway!

Also, did the title of this letter remind anyone else of Can't Hardly Wait? "You are all sheep! BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

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