Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Asterisk! Percent sign! Dollar sign! Pound sign!

C. Keith Sigler, being a typical dittohead, has no artistic talents besides Post-Cubist Whingeing and Interpretive Bullshittery. Therefore he has to farm his ideas out to others. Maybe Kelly will take up your offer, Sigmiester. Or that guy who does Mallard Fillmore, assuming he hasn't wrapped his car around a tree again and finally offed himself.

Also there was some more godbag bwaps, the latter of which is from Rita Crowell. She's pissing and moaning because (Catholic!) Mike Pound didn't speak of sainthood in a hushed reverential whisper. And because he used comic strip profanity.

Seriously. She was mortily offended by "*%$#".

I will pay $5 to anyone who successfully exposes her to this blogpost, including the following colorful string of profanity...

"&%$#!" "#$&!" "&#$%" "$*%#!"

See what I did there? "Colorful" profanity! Ho ho ho HTML formatting is a SCREAM.



magusdee said...

"Whingeing" maintains the penultimate vowel. Great item per usual, still.

johnny kaje said...

Fixed. Thanks for reading!