Sunday, November 16, 2008

BA DA BAP BA DAH, I'M LOVIN' IT (in the butt)

Oh, Rita Rita Rita RITA. You are a DELIGHT!

Suspiciously obsessive fixations on homosexuality? Check!

Scare quotes, plus general contempt for the proper usage of this much-beleaguered punctuation mark? Check!

Espousing yet another futile values-based boycott of an unstoppable corporate juggernaut? Check!

Hilarious holier-than-thou grandstanding and foaming nuttiness? Check check CHECK!

The only thing more delicious and heart-clogging than your letters would be a juicy McRib sammich. Mmmmm...McRib. I think I'll get over my irrational hatred of Micky D's and buy one right now.


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