Friday, November 14, 2008

Here comes the fallout

While there've been a few conservative post-election letters, they were but a mere trickle. Today marks the start of the full on downpour of bitterness and crazy. This'll either be really fun or really monotonous. I suspect the latter, so I'll be brief.

Joseph Yantis blames the McCain/Palin nominations on the liberal media. PARTY OF PERSONAL RESPONSIBLITY YOU GUYS.

Maurice Filson, among other things, pulls a Godwin. You know what pisses me off more than anything (right now at least)? It's 99.99999 percent certain that if this sonofabitch and all the other reactionary fuckwits like him lived in Germany at that time, they'd be the first ones turning their neighbors in to the authorities and signing their kids up for Hitler's Youth meetings. "Mismatched humankind." You're just a real paragon of humanitarianism, aren't you? You disingenuous fuckneck.

Pardon me, got serious and ranty for a second.

Poor guy got his yard sign stolen, too. Next thing you know, Democrats will be draping McCain signs onto bear cub corpses or hurling racial slurs or faking their own assaults or vandalizing entire vehicles or...oh wait...

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