Monday, November 17, 2008

Hey FBI! Homeland Security! You reading this?

William Rozinek seems to be vaguely suggesting that he's thiiiiiiis close to taking drastic action against abortion. Uh oh. That usually means Not-At-All-Hypocritical Abortion Clinic Bombings/Murder/Terrorism. Keep a bead on this guy, folks. William Rozinek- the next Eric Rudolph?

He also claims to be able to hear the screams of a fetus. Dude must be crazy- but hey, if the little bastards* can sing, why not?

Also, Allen Shirley taints a perfectly valid argument** by virtue of him being a dipshit dittohead. I wouldn't be surprised if the last sentence was plagiarized straight from Michael Savage.

* going off on a tangent ever notice that in pro-life fiction, the talking anthropomorphic fetus characters are almost always male? HOW 'BOUT DAT.

**somebody argued that canceling a paper subscription was extortion? I missed that. Assuming that was what the guy was arguing- I'll have to look him up.

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