Thursday, May 14, 2009


That martyr of intellectual freedom, *snort* *chuckle* Miss California, is under attack, and leaping to her defense is this "people exercising their freedom of speech to criticize her are stifling her freedom of speech" letter by Randy Dale.

Let's see what we got here:

1. He's got lots of gay friends! Seriously!

2. Also, you gay folks apparently should be grateful to straight people, since they were so nice as to allow you to exist. The least you can do is let them deny you dignity and legal protections, and maybe let them beat a few of you folks to death with baseball bats every once in a while.

3. One man, one woman marriage (that's based on mutual attraction and not arranged as a business deal) is a "tradition as old as language and civilization"? LOL WHUT? (hint: the most traditional marriage throughout humanity's history would be one man, several women, and what most Americans think of as "traditional marriage" is a pretty recent invention.)

4. Last sentence: "If people like Paris Hilton had their way, we would be subjugated to a gay Taliban enforcing gay culture!" Double Globe score! Honestly, a gay Taliban sounds a million times better than the religous homobigot one we have now. Do we get fetching rainbow turbans?

Also, do you think he meant to say "Perez Hilton"? I like to think that he did.

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