Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Happy One Year Blogiversary!

To celebrate, I’ve taken my personal favorite letters and letter writers from this year and narrowed them down to the best of the best.

It’s time for the First Annual Time Honored Joplin Globe Madness Awards-- the Peggies! Look to your left and let's look at the categories:

Best Frequent Letter Writer

Riley T. Jay -- He of the mixed up priorities.

Rita Crowell -- I seriously considered not nominating her; she has the unfair advantage in both the cuckoo-ness and the sheer volume of her letters.

Jim Keener --Token lefty, unless…

Steve Goebel --is one too. I think he is, but he never makes any goddamn sense so it’s hard to tell.

Dan Walters and Allen Shirley -- They’re being nominated together because they’re both interchangeable dittoheads.

Best Guest Column

Richard La Near: The Douchey Professor

Cindy Sigler Dagnan: "Stacy's mom had got it going on-- by 'it' I mean 'the destruction of American moral values'."

Paul K. Butler: "Boot camp is exactly like waterboarding!"

C. Keith Sigler: "You can't just quote from the Bible if you're going to quote the Bible."

Arthur L. Strobel: "Seriously? You have a chink holiday on the calendar?!?"

Best Letter

Alberta Anders: "There’s too much homosex on TV, so I’m going to stick with Ellen."

Carol Thomas: “Hide your white babies from Obama!”

Karen Clark: "The only women that deserve rights are Sarah Palin and me!

Burney Johnson: "Bear-A-Geddon!"

Verlin R. Snider: "My common ancestor was a clod of dirt."


You can vote until the 15th. Let your voice be heard my friends!

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