Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Ol' Switcheroo

Nobody believes in a god.

A man may say that a god created everything. In so saying, he forgets to mention what, or who, created the god.

Such a man may say that the god had always existed. By this statement, he is acknowledging that special creation is not necessary to set things in motion. Therefore, his insistence that everything has to have a creator is false even in his own worldview. Of course, this is not an actual natural phenomenon, this god. It is a giant bearded dude that lives up in the clouds and plants dinosaur fossils to fuck with people’s heads.

Whoever believes in an omnipotent sky patriarch smiting people for putting their wees-wees in the wrong place has serious issues. If a man is a product of an abusive, psychopathic specter that somehow always agrees with everything the believer thinks, then everything about him is avoiding anything that may challenge his worldview. His body, mind, all of his thoughts, words and actions are in submission to this phantom. He cannot of himself make any decision or intend or propose anything. He cannot do anything that intelligence does. Therefore, he has no intelligence.

If a man’s thoughts, words and actions are just parroting Sky Daddy, then that man cannot be held responsible for anything he does.

The figment of the imagination known as religion is simply irresponsibility in a thin disguise. It should not be taught to children or to anyone else.

Suck on it, Burney. But I'm glad the bears didn't get you.

I'm out of town for the week. Stay vigilant!

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