Wednesday, June 10, 2009

6. PROFIT!!!

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Hey look! I reduced Karen Strange’s letter to its original form letter format~

“One has to wonder how many of those in the coalition fighting against [evil means of production] have [aforementioned products that don‘t have to be produced that way but dominate the market so you don‘t really have another choice unless you‘re super rich or abstain completely]

[“Lagoons of pig feces, animal abuse and antibiotic doping are good things argument” goes here]

[Folksy closer]”

On an inquiring note, why do spokespeople for organizations list their affiliation when they write these letters? I assume it’s a law or something, because who’s going to believe you’re not advancing that cause for a paycheck?


Dude, Ethan Beaver (hee!) did NOT just compare the non-homophobic to Nazis.

I will copy/paste my comment there, here.

Social conservatives who compare the minorities they despise to the perpetrators of the Holocaust ought to be ashamed of themselves. Do you really see yourself as someone rebelling against persecution of gays, Jews and non-whites? Let's face it-- you would be the first cheering governmental discrimination against anyone that isn't you. Actually, I take that back-- you ARE the ones cheering for it RIGHT NOW.

The funniest thing about Randy Brown’s letter is that most of his “radical liberal talking points” are actually good ideas. Hey, did you hear about that museum shooting today? Why would anyone want that guy unarmed?


“Hmm", Riley T. asks, "is it selfish to be a capitalist? I will use LOGIC to figure this out!

1. I am Christian.

2. Christians are not selfish.

3. I also really like money.

4.Capitalism gets me money.

5. Since I am not selfish and I like capitalism, we can conclude that capitalism is not selfish.

Also, being a meat puppet of a Sky Fairy makes you a responsible person, while being your own person is irresponsible and foolish and smelly.

God! I love logic!”

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