Thursday, June 11, 2009


Bwap bwap bwap.

Fun fact: They took out the part where I asked the torture people if it's a good idea to racially profile middle-aged white guys now; also "All this with the equivalent of a mere college hazing prank! You want to fight terrorism don't you?" I think it detracts from the argument's impact; but I'm no editor and I probably just typed too damn much.

I was also instructed by the guy who received my letter to plug the blog in the comments, so if any newbies are reading, hey! How ya doing? If you never read this thing again at least vote in the polls situated to your left! Read this to get acquainted with the nominees.

EDIT: This is the greatest comment ever. (bolding mine)

1concerned1 writes:
Only a fool would use this premise as an argument regarding so called torture. Anti-choice? What choice does the fetus have? Might you consider it to be torture sticking a needle into the brain of that fetus to suck it's brains out? You are tying to do the same thing that pro death, abortionists are already using. Sweet sounding titles..Pro choice my butt. Pehaps your mother shoud aborted you, you sick twisted fool!

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