Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jekyll and...Spiering?

Another badly timed letter. Whoops! Deborah White lays it down: the Bible says abortion is wrong!* But there's one minor flaw in her argument, and it's revealed in the first comment:

SuperDuperPatriot writes:
But I don't care what it says in the Bible.

That cracks me up. Kudos to SDP!

Mild-mannered Wendall Lewis writes a letter to the Globe. Little does he realize that his irrational reptilian hindbrain, which takes over his body by night and goes by the name Dave Spiering, does the same thing.


This letter by Naomi Hutchinson, where she whines about restaurants these days (what with their baggy pants and the rap music!), infuriates me. For two reasons:

1. She is complaining about a bad experience at a certain restaurant, but she never mentions the name of it so other hapless diners won't make the same mistake!

2. She mentions a restaurant that employs immodestly dressed waitstaff, but
she never mentions the name of it so we know where to go other hapless diners won't make the same mistake!

Also note the first sentence. "Not a complainer?" YES YOU ARE. This is the Opinion pages, that's what you do, that's what you are doing right now.


Two trains of thought have been flittering around in my brain since Sunday. One concerns Dr. Tiller and the pro-life movement that killed him. Another is the torture apologist argument that goes "It's OK to torture because OMG beheadings 9/11 ticking time bomb TERRORISTS!!!111!!!", like the one printed in the last post. These thoughts cross paths.

Let's stop beating around the bush: Scott Roeder and all the other pro-lifers that have killed doctors, bombed clinics and threatened patients? They're terrorists. Using violence against civilians to obtain political or religious goals? Yep, that's terrorism--the dictionary definition!

My query to the torture apologists is this: since these guys associate with terrorists, are we justified in waterboarding them? Can we racially profile middle aged white guys? Who knows, we may be able to prevent another terrorist attack! All this with the so-called equivalent of a college hazing prank! You want to stop terrorism, right?

What's that? You're not so eager about waterboarding now? Huh.

*Again, ignoring Exodus 21:22

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