Friday, February 27, 2009

Go Fighting Globeans!

First off, I'd like to congratulate the Globe editors on retooling my food-stained napkin scribblings into something halfway coherent. When I write my blogposts I have a proofreading lemur (it's one of those really smart lemurs, okay?) at my disposal. I was worried that, without that luxury, the staff would be completely flummoxed by my strings of swear words and textspeak. Give them a big hand for their hard work and patience!

And wouldn't you know it? Some other dweeb wrote a similar "look at the positions of the other side, aren't they a scream!" letter, from the opposite side. BOO! HISS!

Who's the victor here- Dan Walters with his dripping sarcasm and way cooler title (seriously, "philosophizing rascals" is the best title ever, no contest), or me, with my excess verbiage and killer looks? Since I'm too lazy to to put a poll up, let's do it like this- if you like my letter better, say so on my letter's comment page. If you like Dan "the Dope" Walters more, say so on his comment page.

And to exclude those who aren't aware of the poll, be sure to work the phrase "turkey burgers" into your comment so we know who sent ya.

Have fun, kids!

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