Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

You know what's awesome? Full mobility of your arms is awesome.


(bah I can't embed videos)

I was so stoked I even sent an actual letter to the Globe instead of slinking around in the inky shadows of cyberspace, angrily mumbling to myself. Time will tell if this was or was not a horrible idea.

Back in college I had a classmate who I affectionately dubbed Sabrina the Catholic Witch. She was this old chain smoking woman who didn't let her Catholic faith interfere with her tarot card reading and other myriad wacky New Age beliefs. Imagine Rita Crowell and your average freshman Wicca convert having a drunken tryst and somehow siring a child. She was very patronizing and quite possibly a compulsive liar.* The worst part was that she took her beliefs VERY SERIOUSLY, which was compounded by the fact that her belief system was a nightmare hybrid of two mutually exclusive but equally obnoxious religions. You didn't know when she would solemnly agree with you or when she go completely apeshit as you danced between the two.

Anyway, this letter reminded me of her. Although this guy doesn't really sound that bad. I just found the blend of vegetarianism and Catholicism jarring. And I really wanted to share dirt about my goofy classmates. Next up- mumbling Libertarian serial killer man!

Meanwhile, reading this letter I realized that I didn't recognize two of the famous people in the list of Famous People Who Weren't Killers. A thought crossed my mind- did Charles C. Smith have trouble coming up with people to honor that weren't squeaky clean enough to prove his point?

Then I thought, "maybe I'm just stupid."

However, then I thought, "Hey! Didn't my man Truman dropped a fucking atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?"

Then I was like, "You know what? Whatever." And then I played Syberia for two hours and fell asleep.

*she was engaged to at least five millionaires, but she rejected them all because they were all drug addicts, and married a trucker instead. For serious you guys.

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