Friday, February 20, 2009

Rudy, dude... know I enjoy chortling over the fact that the Repubs have to compromise their core schtick and embrace progressive trappings in order to survive as much as you do.

That being said, please get your facts straight.

Also, "a bigot and a racist", is a pinch redundant.

Also also, while non-whites and women are currently accepted by the Republicans as tokens, they're still pretending that their gay members don't exist. Log Cabin Republicans anyone?

I quibble because I love. And hate. And are indifferent to. Hell, I just like to quibble regardless of the situation or persons involved.


magusdee said...

Racism is institutionalized prejudice; bigotry is free-lance.

johnny kaje said...

I always thought racism was just a form of bigotry; and also that there was institutionalized racism and plain old racism.

It depends on who you ask I guess.