Saturday, February 7, 2009

Hate More, Earn More

Rita Crowell knows who's to blame for the bad economy. Is it the banks, overly eager to lend money? Average Joes and Janes, spending money that they don't have?

Nope! It's the damn queers!

Up until this point I didn't realize that financial security was inversely proportional to how evil you were. This explains why Rita Crowell is the richest person in the entire midwestern United States.

I also wonder what the poor straight people did to deserve to be sunk with the money grubbing butt pirates. Maybe they didn't beat up enough queeros with baseball bats, or gang rape enough lesbians, or split up enough families for no goddamn reason.

But seriously though, I fucking hate these people and wish they would die. Hey, maybe if we all hate homobigots and worthless GOP scumbags with all our might, the economy will right itself! That is what Rita was saying would help, right? More hatred?

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