Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Challenge You to a Non Sequitur-Off!

Have I compared Jim Keener to Steve Goebel in the past? If I haven't I must point out that Keener out-goebeled Goebel today. I mean, what the hell? What. The Hell.
What the hell what the hell what the hell.

Is it a comment on air pollution? A scathing critique of Exxon-Mobil? A sharp jab at the business practices of American automotive industries ? Maybe he just found the joke on his Laff-A-Day desk calendar and simply had to share it?

I didn't know you could just rip out a page from your daughter's "Gross Jokes for Kids!" book, add some sentences that erect a pale fa├žade of a point, and then get it published in the newspaper.

"What can you get at the new McDonald's that's green on the inside, white on the outside, and hops? A frog sandwich. When you think about it, they've gotta be kidding us."

Or maybe, just maybe, the joke is on us. THINK ABOUT IT DUDE.


Meanwhile, I have a bone to pick with Kathy Heger, or at least the first two sentences. Graham's artcle was basically a giant stringy shit on the Republican noise machine. That's what we call "partisanship", not "bipartisanship."

Unless "bipartisanship" is a sneaky new euphemism. I hope so. I'm really sick of each side pretending they care what the other side has to say. It's pathetically phony.

Also, stop trying to reason with the Crowellmiester! We love her just the way she is.

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